I am currently able to make and ship all prints independently from my studio. I appreciate your understanding with any delays due to supply chain issues or unpredictable changes to our daily life at this time. Funds will be disbursed immediately to artists and charities. 

Most Artist-Signed prints have been made and are on their way to the artists for signing. In some cases, prints are making multiple stops around the world to be signed by the musicians who have so generously offered. Thanks for your patience while these very special items make their journey onward to you! 

Larger custom prints are possible, including artist-signed editions, please email me at jacob@33-13.com to inquire. 


So far, we have raised over $2,750 in funds that have gone directly to musicians and important causes that they wish to support. 

The GRAMMY website kindly mentioned us in a recent roundup of innovative fundraisers.