Over the past 15 years, I’ve dedicated my work as a photographer to making meaningful images of music. I’ve been guided by a tingle on my neck that said, ‘This show, this moment, this tour, this festival, is a part of our collective music history…email the manager, find a cheap plane ticket, buy the film, summon the Uber.’

When the musicians’ world disappeared, so did mine. I organized the All Together Print Sale to see if the photographs could fulfill their higher purpose to preserve and share the magic of the musical encounter and create value that could be directed back to the music community.

Every artist featured in the collection is an active partner in the sale, designating 50% of net proceeds to either MusiCares’ Covid 19 Relief Fund or causes they wish to support. 20 artists have generously SIGNED limited editions of prints.

With every print sold, 50% of net proceeds go to the artists directly or to critical organizations they are supporting. 

It was quite an undertaking to coordinate execution of these signed editions. The care and generosity invested in the process makes them quite unique and special.

I am deeply humbled and fulfilled by being there for the musicians—seeking out opportunities to acknowledge their labor and celebrate their milestones and successes. As with making music itself, there’s no easy or immediate payoff, but you do it because you know it’s important.

Supported Organizations:

MusiCares Emergency Relief Fund

North Shore Animal League (Dawes)

National Bail-Out (Our Native Daughters)

FoodCorps (Our Native Daughters)

Jazz Foundation of America (Esperanza Spalding)

World Central Kitchen (Madison McFerrin)